Mexican Drug Cartels Threatened by Medical Marijuana Laws in U.S.

Friday, October 23, 2009
Marijuana Dispensary

The expansion of legalized medical marijuana has caused significant increases in local U.S. marijuana farms, which has resulted in intensified competition with large Mexican drug organizations. About half of the marijuana consumed in the United States is now grown domestically, and often by small “mom-and-pop” farmers. The decentralized nature of domestically grown marijuana has threatened Mexican drug lords in a far more effective manner than the efforts of anti-narcotics programs. 

In order for Mexican drug cartels to maintain their competitiveness, they cultivate marijuana directly in the United States instead of exporting it from Mexico. As a result, Mexican drug dealers can sell it for higher prices and minimize the risk of getting caught at the border. They have developed a complex mechanism to grow marijuana, which ranges from California and Washington to Michigan and North Carolina. They have even hidden the drug farms in areas so inaccessible that only airlifts can reach the marijuana plants.  
Full legalization of marijuana would likely put an end to cartel involvement, just as the end of alcohol prohibition in 1933 knocked organized crime out of the business.
-Justin Tang
Cartels Face an Economic Battle (by Steve Fainaru and William Booth, Washington Post)


Ross Wolf 14 years ago
Legalizing Pot will cause a net loss to state and federal taxpayers: Potheads and others for years have tried to convince the public, Taxpayers will save money if Pot is legalized, because government will no longer have to pay to prosecute people for marijuana possession. That is ridiculous, Drug Cartels and other Drug Dealers to make up lost revenues resulting from legalized marijuana will push more Methamphetamine and other hard drugs, putting additional stress on already strained State budgets, Medicaid, hospitals and treatment facilities that will have to treat increasing numbers of hard drug users. It appears some people support marijuana legalization just so they can legally smoke the stuff, regardless of the expense it will cost everyone else.
Ripped Out in Raleigh 14 years ago
Take the bait kiddies, "Before collectives can operate, they must have their location inspected by the Department of Building and Safety. They must also register with the Office of Finance, and provide information about their members to their City Council representative and their Neighborhood Council" LOL yeah right and DEA then does this when Obama loses his next run; "On July 29, 2005, Canadian police, acting on a request from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, simultaneously raided the BC Marijuana Party Bookstore and Headquarters in Vancouver and arrested Emery for extradition to the United States outside a local storefront in the community of Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia where he was attending a HempFest. Emery and co-defendants Gregory Keith Williams, 50, of Vancouver, BC and Michelle Rainey-Fenkarek, 34, of Vancouver, BC are charged with "'Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana", "Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana Seeds" and "Conspiracy to Engage in Money Laundering". Canadian police have not laid charges." You people don't get it at all, these "clinics" are hiding behind serious illness to justify dealing drugs for profit. End of story. The alphabetized agencies will be collecting massive information on you and your going to willingly give it to them under the guise of "dude I can smoke pot now and even get it delivered bro" easier something is the more you should be re-examining the convenience of your own inevitable destruction.
Richard Steeb 14 years ago
To keep cannabis illegal while tobacco and alcohol are dispensed freely is *MURDEROUSLY STUPID*. "By any measure of rational analysis"...
Fred Evil 14 years ago
Wow, actual common sense on cannabis. The 'War on Drugs' is doomed to failure. With 26 MILLION Americans admitting to using cannabis in the last year, and only 3 million (already occupied) prison beds, where does the DEA or ONDCP propose we put 10 PERCENT of our population? They don't care, they only worry about keeping their jobs, despite the overwhelming evidence that they are simply incapable of doing as they've been directed. No, drugs aren't good for you (though cannabis has it's uses), but Prohibition is FAR more destructive for our society. It only empowers criminals, and enslaves and criminalizes addicts. Two VERY stupid ideas.
Jillian Galloway 14 years ago
Two-thirds of the cartel's incomes come from selling marijuana in the U.S. After SEVENTY years of marijuana prohibition this is an appalling indictment on the efficiency of the prohibition! The cartels murdered more than ***6,000*** people last year to protect this cash flow. Many of their victims were children, police officers, reporters and politicians. We've got to END these murders! And if treating marijuana like alcohol is what's required to do it then that's what we have to do! Don't assist the cartels with your silence - demand legalization now!
RevRayGreen 14 years ago
What a joke. The only cartel that profits off MEDICAL MARIJUANA are law enforcement, lawyers, corrections workers. Mexican marijuana has keeping the recreational users happy for over 50+ YEARS. who needs a mexican cartel when I could grow it right in my backyard? U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is very dillusional. Iowa Board of Pharmacy Medical Marijuana Public Hearings promo video FINAL SHOW NOVEMBER 4 COUNCIL BLUFS IA - HARRAH'S CASINO(of all places)

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