American Jews Debate Gaza Attacks

Monday, January 05, 2009

Unequivocally hawkish Jewish organizations like the American Jewish Committee and the Zionist Organization of America no longer stand alone as the single pro-Israel school of thought in America. A rising tide of moderate Jewish voices has reacted to the recent violence in Gaza with calls for peace, judging the aggression ultimately counter-productive to Israel’s own interests.   J-Street, which describes itself as a pro-Israel, pro-peace non-profit advocacy group, has issued this statement: “While this morning’s air strikes by Israeli Defense Forces in Gaza can be understood and even justified in the wake of recent rocket attacks, we believe that real friends of Israel recognize that escalating the conflict will prove counterproductive, igniting further anger in the region and damaging long-term prospects for peace and stability. Respecting Israel's right to defend itself, we urge leaders there to recognize that there is no military solution to what is fundamentally a political conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.”

American Jewish Responses to Gaza: Old and New (by James Zogby, Huffington Post)


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