TASER Tests Weapons on Meth-Injected Sheep

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wanting to prove its weapons are safe to use, even on subjects who have ingested methamphetamine, Taser International sponsored a research study that drugged more than two dozen sheep and subjected them to the electric-shock weapon. The company felt the research necessary in light of recent claims that Tasers have killed people by sending them into cardiac arrest. Some victims were on meth at the time, while others were mentally ill.

The experiment found that smaller sheep fed meth and tasered experienced exacerbated heart symptoms, but did not experience life-threatening heart rhythms.
This was not an independent research project. Among those who participated in the study was Dr. Jeff Ho, medical director for Taser International.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Effect of an Electronic Control Device Exposure on a Methamphetamine-intoxicated Animal Model (by Donald M. Dawes, Jeffrey D. Ho, Jon B. Cole, Robert F. Reardon, Erik J. Lundin, Karen S. Terwey, Dan G. Falvey, and James R. Miner, Academic Emergency Medicine)


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