Sen. Inhofe Goes for Hypocrisy Record, Saying Climate Change is a Hoax, but Nuclear Power is Good because it Avoids “Dangerous Climate Change”

Monday, April 27, 2015
Sen. James Inhofe

Republican Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe’s tenuous grip on reality is no secret. When the Alfred E. Murrah building in his state’s largest city was bombed at 9:02 in the morning on April 19, 1995, Inhofe said on national television that there wouldn’t be many casualties because most government workers would be out drinking coffee at that time. He’s also said that President Obama is supporting enemies of the United States.


But much of his criticism is directed at those who say that climate change is real and is a danger to our planet. Inhofe is now the chairman of the Senate’s Environment Committee. He celebrated the first day of his second shot at this position by speaking for 13 minutes claiming that human-caused climate change is a fake concept. He’s even written a book entitled The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.


But when it suits his purposes (or those of his financial backers), Inhofe is apparently willing to allow climate change into his worldview. He wrote in a CNN op-ed (run on Earth Day, no less) that we need nuclear power to help fight climate change:


[T]he White House will celebrate Earth Day and promote its work to fend off climate change, while strategically ignoring its largest tool to cut carbon emissions—nuclear energy—as well as the warning of one of the administration’s favorite climate scientists.


Wait—climate change is a thing now? It gets better. The scientist to whom Inhofe is referring, James Hansen, previously was tagged by the senator as a “NASA scientist and alarmist.” Hansen has also championed a carbon fee on fuels such as oil, gas and coal that would be returned to consumers to pay for renewable energy. No word if Inhofe is also on board with this proposal.

-Steve Straehley


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Annie 9 years ago
Hypocritical and ill-informed because nuclear energy releases massive amounts of CO2 AND massive amounts of radioactive CARBON-14 which converts to CO2 in the atmosphere (and is detrimental to human health.) Nuclear energy = CO2 = Carbon-14 = CO2 = Climate Change Nuclear power plants also release Krytpon which is hugely harmful to the atmosphere. If this is news to you, go to the highly recommended website Enenews dot com and read the headlines and the comments. There is a world of information there!

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