Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett Suggests Covering Education Budget Cuts by Drilling for Natural Gas on Campuses

Wednesday, May 04, 2011
Gov. Tom Corbett
To help cover the deep budget cuts in education funding, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has proposed that some universities open their campuses to natural gas drilling.
Corbett pointed out that six universities sit atop the Marcellus shale formation, putting them in perfect location for drilling.
“We need to think different. We need to act differently,” Corbett said in explaining his idea.
The Republican governor has cut $2 billion in education funding from his budget plan for 2011-2012, and proposed a 50% reduction in support to colleges and universities.
Democratic state party Chairman Jim Burn called Corbett’s proposal “ridiculous,” adding “that no matter what the issue, the profits and best interests of his largest benefactors (gas drillers) are never far from Tom Corbett's mind.”
-Noel Brinkerhoff


Gabby 9 years ago
act differently?? this is already being done at beverly hills high school--where it's alleged that toxic fumes from oil wells on the campus have caused 280 cases of hodgkin's disease, non-hodgkin's lymphoma and thyroid cancer since the 1970s. tests of the air at beverly high showed high concentrations of the toxic oil-field chemicals benzene, toluene and n-hexane. don't think this is a great idea...

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