Out-Bidding the Oil Companies

Saturday, December 27, 2008
(photo by Steve Griffin/Salt Lake Tribune)
University of Utah economics student Tim DeCristopher has single-handedly delayed an oil and gas auction by the Bureau of Land Management in Utah. DeCristopher outwitted and outbid the assorted oil companies by registering as a bidder and offering about $1.8 million for the 22,000 acres of public land. Amy Goodman writes: “His disruption of the auction has temporarily blocked the Bush-enabled land grab by the oil and gas industries. If DeCristopher can come up with $45,000 by Dec. 29, he can make the first payment on the land, possibly avoiding any claim of fraud. If the BLM opts to re-auction the land, that can’t happen until after the Obama administration takes over.” When Goodman questioned DeCristopher about his experience, the student reflected: “For all the problems that people can talk about in this country and for all the apathy and the eight years of oppression and the decades of eroding civil liberties, America is still very much the kind of place that when you stand up for what is right, you never stand alone.”
One Man’s Bid to Aid the Environment (by Amy Goodman, King Features Syndicate)
Imposter Disrupts Lands Bid (by Patty Henetz, Salt Lake Tribune)


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