Murder Suspects Used YouTube Rap Song to Intimidate Witnesses

Sunday, November 29, 2009
Jason Johnson, murder victim

Ishmael McLean, suspected of killing 24-year-old Jason Johnson in west London, managed to avoid a murder charge by intimidating witnesses with a rap video posted on YouTube. But McLean did not get off entirely after he, and accomplice Rowan Simon, were convicted of “acting to pervert the course of justice” for using their song to interfere with the investigation. McLean received four years in prison and Simon 30 months. Ryan Esprit, also suspected of being involved in Johnson’s murder, was found not guilty for his involvement in the rap video “Wrong Team.” In the video, which included the sound of gunfire in the background, McLean reportedly could be seen uttering the words, “Mention my name, I’ll aim and squeeze off [shoot].”

-Noel Brinkerhoff
Rappers Used Song to Scare Off Murder Witnesses (by Shenai Raif, Press Association)


jason 8 years ago
I'm fed up of hearing about the bad youths of our society,its time to promote the good ones. Example being Gyvna b. Hes an upcoming gospel / Christian rapper! One of his songs

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