Limbaugh, Iranian Cleric Agree: Human Behavior Can Cause Natural Disasters

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
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No matter how divergent two people can be in terms of background or beliefs, there’s always some common ground to be found. Take for instance American conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and Iranian Muslim cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi—both share the opinion that natural disasters are the work of a wrathful God who punishes people for unacceptable behavior.

According to Limbaugh, the eruption of a volcano in Iceland that’s disrupted air travel over Europe is a sign that President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law has angered a higher power. “I think the earth has opened up,” Limbaugh told his listening audience. “God may have replied.”
God, apparently, has spoken in Iran as well by rattling the earth multiple times in recent years, because of women’s refusal to abide by a strict, conservative dress code. Sedighi explained to the Iranian media: “Many women who do not dress modestly... lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes.”
Iran’s government requires women to be covered from head to toe, although many are increasingly bending the rules by wearing form-fitting clothes and scarves that expose their hair.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Iranian Cleric: Promiscuous Women Cause Quakes (by Scheherezade Faramarzi, Associated Press)


Dan Goor 11 years ago
Perhaps God is punishing the world becuase of the 25 million who are ignorant enough to listen to Rush Limbaugh...After all, God did give humans the capacity to distinguish between right and wrong, and listening to Limbaugh cannot be right since he is a drug abuser who will stop at nothing in order to promote his bankrupt ideology.
James Bain 11 years ago
On NPR this morning, a reporter spoke of a young girl with a condition rendering her incapable of suspicion and fear of strangers, etc.. The girl would walk off with, hug, chat up complete strangers and the piece covered the mother's struggles to inculcate her with skills she'd need to survive in this world. Apparently, she is one of very few people with this condition, which includes some cognitive disorder and learning impediments. While a tender, completely unconditionally loving person is certainly something to hail, this condition, were it to infect a majority of the population of a country or region, would be a calamity to the status quo, which relies on people like the Iranian cleric and the mouth that roars here in America. While I am ambivalent about the US turning into what historically may be the laughing stock of a future civilization, assuming any of us survive this one to engender that one (never mind the Daily Show), based solely on our single-minded pursuit of "entertainment", to detriment of all other things, I still think this yclept entertainment Mr. Limbaugh provides comes with certain responsibility. Like the warning that should have been issued back when Orson Welles did his piece on "War of the Worlds" on radio and scared people half to death. These two individuals, so different, yet so alike, are throwbacks to a time when the rank maneuverings for power, based on universal ignorance, were de rigeur, an everyday tool. In view of the fact that the one group of people who reliably stand to take it on the chin from all this posturing are women, I'm delighted that some readers have finally had enough and barfed their guts up here. Now, ladies, let's see you take this fire to the hearth. Raise your kids in such a way there is no doubt from onlookers this kind of mentality is an evolutionary dead-end and only has a couple of generations to go.
Mary Ann 11 years ago
They are equal morons...what else can you say to such stupid statements?
Gabriela 11 years ago
Another example of religious bigots at their finest. The American media, however, is so quick to pound into our brains the bigots of Iran. It relentlessly paints Iran in negative ways such that it becomes incredibly difficult if not impossible to separate the Iranian citizen from the Iranian religious elite. Makes it easier to start a war, doesn't it? Where is the media to report more than 2 seconds of sound bytes of bigots within our own borders? The Rabbinical Alliance of America issued a video ( 2 months ago with multiple bigoted statements, saying homosexual behavior caused 9/11, how Haiti's "hotbed" of licentious behavior caused its disaster, and how the acceptance of gays in the military will lead to further natural disasters. Pat Robertson commenting Haiti's "pact with the devil" in return for its freedom from French rule caused its disaster. Jerry Falwell stating that pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays AND the ACLU caused the 9/11 disaster. We seem so quick to denounce the bigots outside of our own borders, yet remain so ignorant and complacent to those around us.

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