“How to Kiss” Tops YouTube How-To Searches

Sunday, June 07, 2015
(photo: Ed Templeton)

Bogart and Bacall, Gable and Leigh, Lancaster and Kerr; they’re responsible for some of the most iconic kisses of all time. How did they do it before YouTube?


YouTube has released statistics on its top 10 how-to searches. The top search isn’t on how to tie a tie or change a tire. It’s on how to kiss.


Other searches make more sense. How do you tie a tie? How do you make a paper airplane? How do you get a six-pack in three minutes? (That’s six-pack abdominal muscles, not beer, and the answer is a three-minute demo.)


But apparently there’s some question on the best way to kiss. And there are plenty of answers—pages and pages of them. Some of the videos break it down further: How to French kiss; how to kiss softly; and how to make out are among the topics. It’s slightly possible that some of the videos are designed less to educate than to titillate.


According to Google, here are the top 10 how-to searches for 2012-2015:


1. how to kiss
2. how to tie a tie
3. how to draw
4. how to get a six pack in 3 minutes
5. how to make a starburst bracelet rainbow loom
6. how to make a cake
7. how to curl your hair with a straightener
8. how to make a bow
9. how to make a paper airplane
10. how to dance


Google makes money by giving space to companies, such as Home Depot, who tie in “how-to” videos with their products. Whether they’ve found a way to monetize kissing videos is an open question.


So, if you’ve got any question about how to kiss, go to YouTube. Then pucker up.

-Steve Straehley


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