Federal Employee Health Benefits: Dogs, Yes; Gay Partners, No

Monday, October 18, 2010
Homosexual, bisexual and transgender employees of the federal government can’t even treat their partners like a dog. That’s because under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, a worker has the option of buying health coverage for their canine companion, but not for a domestic partner, thanks to the Defense of Marriage Act that banned gay marriage in 1996.
President Barack Obama has said he supports repealing the anti-gay marriage law, but hasn’t pushed Congress to do so. As a matter of fact, his Department of Justice continues to defend it in court.
Instead, Obama told federal agencies to review their benefits plans with an eye towards extending benefits as long-term health insurance, credit union membership, access to fitness facilities, and planning and counseling services to domestic partners.
Meanwhile, Aetna sent an email to federal employees offering discounts for insurance plans for their pets that assured potential buyers that “There are no maximum age limits to insure your pet.”
-Noel Brinkerhoff


Ray 13 years ago
This story was already proven to be a hoax. I think Fox News ran with it but it was shot down pretty quick.
david 13 years ago
complete lie. i won't defend Obama's record on gay rights, but your title saying that dogs get Federal Benefits is absolutely false. and if you want to wordsmith it and say it's not a lie --you have to work pretty damned hard to do so --which means that you are trying to trick people. i'll go read other sources that are not provably false before i've read 7 words.

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