Facebook Confuses Fake Names with Real Native American Names

Sunday, February 15, 2015

In a another sign that when Big Brother takes over it will be because we voted him in, Facebook has taken it upon itself to decide what is a legitimate name that someone may use on their account.


In its most recent effort to enforce the use of “authentic names” on its site, Facebook blocked the accounts of Native Americans such as Dana Lone Hill, Parmelee Kills The Enemy and Shane Creepingbear. Creepingbear’s profile was removed, ironically enough, on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, also known as Columbus Day.


“There’s been a long history of Native erasure and while Facebook might not be enacting it with that intention, it’s still a part of that long history of people erasing native names. It’s part of the violence against native people in general,” Creepingbear wrote, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


Lone Hill said that Facebook wanted her to submit such documentation as credit cards and Social Security numbers, but her account was eventually reactivated after media reports about her fight. “Katy Perry’s Left Shark from her Superbowl halftime show has a facebook page and we have to prove who we are?” she wrote at Last Real Indians.

-Steve Straehley


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