Dallas TSA Accused of Body-Scanning Women with Attractive Figures

Thursday, February 16, 2012
Ellen Terrell (photo: Facebook)
Screenings agents at Dallas/Fort Worth airport are being accused of making attractive women go through full-body scanners, according to numerous complaints.
A local CBS affiliate went through more than 500 records of complaints lodged against the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and reportedly found “a pattern of women who believe that there was nothing random about the way they were selected for extra screening.”
Ellen Terrell, a Dallas executive IT recruiter, told the news station that she was asked repeatedly to step back into a body scanning machine at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. “I feel like I was totally exposed,” Terrell said. “They wanted a nice good look.”
She also said a female TSA agent commented on her “cute figure.” Terrell says she did not file a formal complaint because she didn’t know she could.
TSA released a statement lauding the introduction of newer machines that display more generic images than the one that was presumably in use the day that Terrell was screened.
-Noel Brinkerhoff, David Wallechinsky
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cathy 10 years ago
simple solution: don't fly. boycott until they stop this. americans will not stand up for themselves. these machines were installed because some guys are making big bucks; people like chertoff. these scanners are no different than strip searches. it is hard to understand why americans are acting like a bunch of whipped cattle. so ashamed of the people. all the hard work our ancestors did to provide us at least the chance for freedom, and look at how americans are throwing it all away just because they refuse to research what the lies the government tells them. what will they do when the govt starts using drones against the citizens? they'll probably whine about it but do nothing.

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