College Athletes Should be Allowed to Major in Football: Dan Treadway

Saturday, January 22, 2011
As absurd as it might seem at first, the idea of allowing college athletes to major in football could make a lot of sense, argues Dan Treadway, a student at the University of Texas.
Sports like football and basketball dominate many college campuses, given the prestige and revenue they generate for universities. Because “they are popular, profitable, and a deeply rooted part of the collegiate experience,” Treadway writes, administrators need to figure out “some sort of credibility to the idea of a ‘student-athlete.’”
So why not think outside the box and let football players major in their sport?
Treadway compares the idea to the current practice of offering “leisure driven activities such as Theater, Music and Art” as majors. These students will ultimately land work either in their field of interest, or wind up teaching about it.
Football majors would have the same options.
“While only a small percentage of players are fortunate enough to play professionally after graduating from college, the opportunity to receive full education in the sport of football would provide athletes with not only an education in a topic they're interested in, but it would give them the preparation they need to coach the sport at the high school, collegiate or professional-level upon graduation,” he writes.
-Noel Brinkerhoff


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