Chubby Checker Sues over Name of Penis Size Guessing App

Saturday, February 16, 2013
The original Chubby Checker

Rock-n-roll legend Chubby Checker is suing Hewlett-Packard and Palm for allegedly violating his trademarked name for an app that helps women guess a man’s penis size.


Ernest Evans (Checker’s real name) says the “Chubby Checker” app was produced made available in 2010 without first getting permission from him to use the name. The downloadable application “enables women to estimate the size of a man’s penis [Chubby] based on his shoe size,” according to the lawsuit.


Evans says he told the companies to cease using his name, but they continued to do so, prompting the civil action. The plaintiff seeks $500 million for “irreparable damage and harm” caused by the app.


“This lawsuit is about preserving the integrity and legacy of a man who has spent years working hard at his musical craft and has earned the position of one of the greatest musical entertainers of all time,” lawyer Willie Gary told The Guardian.


Evans gained worldwide fame in 1960 for his No. 1 hit song “The Twist.” He also produced other hits, including “Let’s Twist Again (Like We Did Last Summer).” He trademarked his stage name in 1998.


Actually, the Chubby Checker app sold only 84 downloads before it was removed from Palm and Hewlett-Packard listings in September 2012.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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