Bank Teller Fired for Capturing Robber

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It’s getting to the point where being a Good Samaritan can be an occupational hazard. First, Troy Schafer of Round Rock, Texas, was fired for pursuing a purse snatcher fleeing his grocery store, and now, just days later, Jim Nicholson of Seattle, Washington, has lost his job for foiling a bank robbery.

Nicholson, a two-year employee of Key Bank, said his instincts took over when a suspicious-looking man approached his teller window and demanded he fill a backpack full of cash. Instead of complying, Nicholson lunged at the robber and demanded to see his weapon. Startled by Nicholson’s reaction, the man fled the bank—only to be chased down several blocks away by the 30-year-old bank employee, who held him, along with the assistance of a passer-by, until police arrived.
Two days later Nicholson was fired for violating the bank’s strict policy of complying with robbers’ demands and avoiding confrontation.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Bank Teller Foils Holdup, Nabs Suspect—Loses Job (by Jennifer Sullivan, Seattle Times)
Fired for Catching a Purse Snatcher (by Noel Brinkerhoff, AllGov)


Wally Walters 13 years ago
You Never Know when the Bank's Officers or Stockholders need a quick 50 Grand... WITHOUT any Kinks tossed in by Smarty Pants Do-Gooders... UN-Successfully Dumbed-Down by the Greedy, Lazy, Predatory Scum Trolling the earth dressed as "successful" themselves.....

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