23 Other Presidential Candidates on the Ballot in at Least One State

Wednesday, October 03, 2012
Jill Stein

The contest for the presidency of the United States is being fought by two candidates, the Democratic incumbent, Barack Obama, and the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney. However, there are actually 23 other candidates who have qualified for the presidential ballot in at least one state. In fact, two of these candidates, Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party, have qualified for the ballot in enough states to theoretically gain the number of electoral votes needed to win the election. Here are the 23 with links to their web sites and/or articles about them.


Gary Johnson—Libertarian Party (48 States)

Jill Stein—Green Party (39 States)

Virgil Goode—Constitution Party (26 States)

Rocky Anderson—Justice Party (16 States)

Peta Lindsay—Party for Socialism and Liberation (13 States)

James Harris—Socialist Workers Party (6 States)

Stewart Alexander—Socialist Party USA (3 States)

Roseanne Barr—Peace and Freedom Party (3 States)

Tom Hoefling—America’s Party (3 States)

Merlin Miller—Third Position Party (3 States)

Randall Terry—Independent (3 States)

Tom Stevens—Objectivist Party (2 States)

Samm Tittle—We the People Party (2 States)

Jerry White—Socialist Equality Party (2 States)

Andre Barnett—Reform Party USA (1 State)

Jeff Boss—Independent (1 State)

Jim Carlson—Grassroots Party (1 State)

Will Christiensen—Oregon Constitution (1 State)

Richard Duncan—Independent (1 State)

Jack Fellure—Prohibition Party (1 State)

Jerry Litzel—Independent (1 State)

Jill Reed—Twelve Visions Party (1 State)

Dean Morstad—Independent (1 State)

Barbara Dale Washer—Mississippi Party (1 State)

-David Wallechinsky


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