Worst of the Worst of Bush Appointees

Monday, January 19, 2009
Bradley Schlozman

In honor of the conclusion of the Bush 43 presidency, ThinkProgress.org compiled their list of the 43 worst Bush appointees. The usual suspects dominate the top of the list: Dick Cheney (#1), Karl Rove (#2). Alberto Gonzalez (#3), Donald Rumsfeld (#4), but the list also includes some dubious characters who are less well-known. Among these, in the words of Think Progress:

Bradley Schlozman (#16)—As a recent DOJ Inspector General report demonstrates, Schlozman was a central figure in Bush’s politicization of the Justice Department. Violating civil service laws, Schlozman used political and ideological considerations to ensure that only ‘right-thinking Americans’ received jobs. He eventually lied to Congress about his efforts.”
Julie MacDonald (#30)—A top Interior Department appointee, MacDonald ‘interjected herself personally and profoundly’ and ‘tainted nearly every decision made on the protection of endangered species’ over a five-year period, intimidating the staff with ‘abrupt and abrasive, if not abusive’ tactics. MacDonald also leaked government documents to a young acquaintance whom she met while playing ‘internet role-playing games.’”
Philip Cooney (#38)—A former oil lobbyist who served as chief of staff of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Cooney doctored climate reports to ‘soften’ words and phrases linking greenhouse gas emissions to global warming. After his political interference was revealed, Cooney left the White House to become a lobbyist for Exxon.”


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