Private Prison Company to Demand 90% Occupancy

Thursday, February 16, 2012
The nation’s largest private prison company is offering cash-strapped state governments to buy up their penitentiaries and manage convicted criminals at a cost-savings. But there’s a catch…the states must guarantee that are there are enough prisoners to ensure that the venture is profitable to the company.
Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) has reached out to 48 states as part of a $250 million plan to own existing prisons and manage their operations. But in return CCA wants a 20-year contract and assurances that the state will keep the prisons at least 90% full.
In the past CCA has operated its own prisons and contracted with states to house inmates. But until now the company never offered to essentially take over public corrections systems.
Ohio already has sold one of its largest prisons to CCA. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal wanted last year to sell three of his state’s prisons to the company, but the legislature refused to go along.
Critics of the plan warn that if states commit to CCA’s deal, they could find themselves with little bargaining power down the road once it comes time to negotiate new contracts. And, if the crime rate continues dropping, will police, prosecutors and judges feel compelled to supply human “product” for the prisons anyway?
-Noel Brinkerhoff, David Wallechinsky
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Rich Lorenz 11 years ago
This is fascism, plain and simple. I'm not using this as a metaphor. this is as much fascism as the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany in 1934, or earlier in Italy with the Fascists in the early 1920's. The reason that most Americans can't see that is because instead of studying history... real history, not the crap spoon-fed our children in high school... they are watching one of the hundreds of ... wait for it... REALITY shows! Dear old Kurt Vonnegut could not have written a more elegantly cynical construct than what we have going on here. In REALITY!
cecile 12 years ago
i agree with sara, its all about money, that's why crime is getting worse, and the government more happy.
Donelle Atkins 12 years ago
i've worked for the named private contractor and it is not a pretty picture. they claim that they can serve the inmate population by proposing to work for less. over all the inmates are basically looked upon as human capital and when the "prisoners" accomplish their long term goals, falsifying legal documents to extend their full time is executed. this corporation needs to be stopped.
Gootman 12 years ago
yes, it most certainly is about paul,i did 2-1/3 years prison time in alaska over 30 years ago. we were offered college courses and first aid training. i had 3 previous years of college and it did not take long (having nothing else to do) to earn my b/a degree.the food in the alaskan prison system was delicious and plentiful. i understand that nationwide,prisons are dangeerously overcrowded! i don't think anyone's rights are going to get stepped on here and i firmly believe the old saying,if you can't do the time,don't do the crime! know what i mean paul?
Sara 12 years ago
absolutely disgusting. i can also attest to the horrible treatment of inmates and the way certain states strive to keep their prison populations up. it is a for profit business and we are torturing people. prisoners eat the worst possible diet, live in inhumane conditions where sickness and disease spread easily, and the gov't offers fewer and fewer resources so that these men and women can improve themselves. prisons are basically holding tanks, where people wait decades, or the rest of their lives, in desperation. meanwhile family members suffer through having to pay outrageous fees to just speak over the phone or provide extra money so they can see a doctor (anyone who thinks prisoners are simply provided with all of this has been severely misled). meanwhile, the gov't sits back and runs a business sucking up tax-payer's money, profiting from contract jobs that prisoners provide labor for, and sharing in the profit from sales of processed foods. (look into some of the bush family businesses...) this is already a huge issue, especially as many people sitting in prison are non-violent offenders, who just need better resources to get the help they need. our government needs to stop looking at people, seeing dollar signs, and using "for the public good" as an excuse.
BlesstheUSA 12 years ago
do you mean to tell me that our government can actually sign a contract that says it will supply a set number of "prisoners" !!!??? that must be illegal somehow .. if not, get ready for the return of "debtors' prisons" .. if you owe money that you can't pay dear debt slave, we will put you into our corporate greed grinder (remember soylent green?).. how else will they supply these horror houses with bodies ?? more and more things will become "illegal" and subject to prison time .. just recently the indefinite detention bill ndaa was signed into law .. it allows americans to be sent to prison without trial and held indefinitely .. we must stand up people .. we cannot let this happen !!
Paul Young 12 years ago
it is already happening. filling beds has been a priority. i know i spent 3 1/2 years in prison, half of which was in cca facility and the last half in the federal system in florence colorado. it is all about money. they fed us horse oats, grossly over expired food, and negotiated throw away food from fast food changes that owed back taxes. i was put in prison because i defended people who were getting beat up by government. with four college degrees i was not the one to send to prison if they didn't want things discovered.
constitution 12 years ago
this is very serious. soon if we don't change the path our govt only business will be prisons and putting us in one. i wonder if cca is contracting one of the many fema camps going up?

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