Obama Halts Sermons during Soup Kitchen Meals

Friday, November 26, 2010
Faith-based organizations that accept federal funding cannot proselytize while providing social programs to the needy, under a new executive order signed by President Barack Obama. The order changes the original initiative, adopted by President George W. Bush in December 2002, which allowed faith-based social programs to receive tax dollars.
President Obama’s decree prevents soup kitchens run by churches from conducting sermons while feeding people, for example. The White House expects federal officials to monitor publicly-funded faith-based groups to ensure they comply with the new order.
Americans United for the Separation of Church and State welcomed Obama’s decision, but also was disappointed that it did not go further. Specifically, they were unhappy that the program will still allow churches to accept federal dollars and allow religious organizations to display religious art, icons, scriptures and other symbols while taking in government support.
The order also did not address the issue of faith-based hiring at religious institutions that accept federal funds.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
No More Sermons at the Soup Kitchen (by Travis Sanford, Courthouse News Service)
Executive Order 13559 (White House)
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DM 10 years ago
Obama is using the government to control people. Now no one realises it. But when he starts saying if you want to eat bow to me, or kill your aging mother or drive the car i tell you to drive. then you will wish that there are non profits to feed you
Renelle 12 years ago
"how did this happen to us?" the old ones asked. and the answer, "we forgot about god." (communist rule and suffering to the tune of 70 million dead.)---alexander solzhenitsyn.
Renelle 12 years ago
liberalism (progressivism) equals atheism. and communism is enforced atheism. ---alexander solshenitsyn.
Bill 13 years ago
Thank you, President Obama, for allowing the needy to be helped without the pressure of listening to people with "all the answers."
clzion 13 years ago
Hitler used the same blackmail to silence the faithful. If you want your tax exempt status then you bow to the government. What did the L-rd say about money, serving HIM and serving money don't mix. Choose who you will serve. You take the tax breaks you can not serve HIM!!!
Jared743 13 years ago
@BusterSiren The issue here is about public funding of faith groups. No rights or freedoms are being removed. However, the government is stating that it will not fund you if you preach. You can preach all you want about whatever you want, but they will not pay you to do it. Use your own donations and private sources of income if you wish to express your private ideals, you have the "FREEDOM to take charity from wherever you want." In fact, the government is giving you the choice to do what you want in the private sector, not "ramming government down our throats to force us to say and do what YOU want us to say and do. " How can you be against government, but then whine when they say they won't fund you???
meredith 13 years ago
Is this really 'the change' that Americans need? Focus on something that truly effects our society! Big goverment is not the answer!
BusterSiren 13 years ago
Steve Tych, if I didn't want to hear about Muslim or Hindu I wouldn't go to a Muslim or Hindu house of worship for charity. Whatever happened to FREEDOM in this country. Freedom to PREACH whatever you want, and FREEDOM to take charity from wherever you want. LET PEOPLE CHOOSE! Stop ramming government down our throats to force us to say and do what YOU want us to say and do.
Top Hat Man 13 years ago
@ Patrick - Not a very nice person are you?...I assume you atre a christian...Typical shit attitude.
Steve Tych 13 years ago
I imagine most of the people bothered by this, didn't really read the executive order. Basically what the government has been doing is giving charities money to help provide services to the needy. Essentially the charities become government contractors for this purpose once they accept the money. I agree that while carrying out their government-sponsored work, they should not be forcing their religious views on the recipients. If I ever needed to rely on charities/agencies like this, I would be disturbed if while I ate a meal subsidized by my government, someone was preaching to me about another faith. Imagine going to a soup kitchen, and being forced to listen to someone try to convert you to the Muslim or Hindu faith.

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