Obama Administration Fights to Allow Warrantless GPS Tracking

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Secret tracking device for cars (photo: Yasir Afifi)
The Obama administration has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case involving warrantless tracking of suspects by law enforcement using GPS devices.
Federal prosecutors from the U.S. Department of Justice reached out to the Supreme Court after a three-judge panel of Democratic and Republican appointees in Washington D.C. unanimously threw out the conviction and life sentence of Antoine Jones, a nightclub owner convicted of operating a cocaine distribution ring. The judges objected to the month-long auto surveillance of Jones by police, ruling that law enforcement should have obtained a warrant before using a GPS tracker.
In many instances, suspects are not aware police are monitoring the movement of their cars unless they stumble upon the tiny GPS devices, usually hidden behind automobile bumpers.
In addition to the Jones case, an Arab-American college student, Yasir Afifi, has filed a lawsuit against the government alleging the FBI violated his privacy rights by placing a GPS device on his car without a warrant. Afifi contends he was targeted simply because of his ethnic background.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Gov’t Asks High Court to Take GPS Tracking Case (by Mark Sherman , Associated Press)
United States v. Antoine Jones (U.S. Supreme Court) (pdf)


Rosco1776 10 years ago
it started long before bush. i'm sure i'm on the list! ron paul 2012!! ;)
Christopher Columbus 10 years ago
while this article states it's for criminals.... it really means they may track anyone they choose to. it also means they have full access to the people they deem terrorists as well... terrorist definition these days? anyone who supports ron paul, wears levis jeans (texas law), talks excessively on cell phones, attends anti government rallys and so on.... anyone with an opinion which isn't in sync with government ways. yup... you may be a terrorist. lol it really breaks down to another loss of privacy. loss of our constitutional rights. i say hang these asses who think making laws which breach our privacy is simply ok.
Ben Franklin 10 years ago
the government has become evil and needs to be reigned in. we have rights and they are acting like a monarchy and spending billions on a needless, phony drug war that no one wants to waste billions on anymore. the bush crime syndicate started it and obama carries water for them. quit wasting our money.

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