Majority of Democratic Congressional Staffers Dealing with Abortion are Women; Majority of Republicans are Men

Monday, April 06, 2015

Who should be in charge of abortion policy, women or men? In Congress, the answer depends on which party you belong to.


LegiStorm, a non-partisan watchdog group, analyzed the number of Senate and House of Representatives legislative assistants and other staffers who are assigned to the issue of abortion. On the Democratic side, 173 women and 60 men deal with abortion. But among Republicans the gender breakdown is the opposite: 139 women and 153 men.


There is little difference between the two Congressional bodies. In the Senate, Democrats have 33 female staffers and 11 males handling abortion, while the Republicans have 26 women and 31 men. In the House the breakdown for Democrats is 140 men and 49 women, but for the Republicans it’s 113 women and 122 men.

-David Wallechinsky  


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