Johnson & Johnson Sued over Secret Recall of Children’s Tylenol after Death of 2-Year-Old

Thursday, January 05, 2012
Seeking to avoid adverse publicity, Johnson & Johnson allegedly carried out a “stealth recall” of its Children’s Tylenol—a move that cost the life of a two-year-old child, say parents.
The father and mother of River Moore are suing the drug company after their son died in July 2010 after ingesting tainted Children’s Tylenol, which fatally damaged his liver. Daniel and Katy Moore of Ellensburg, Washington, claim that Johnson & Johnson quietly bought up bottles of its product instead of issuing a public recall, resulting in them unknowingly giving their child a harmful drug.
The lawsuit also names McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Costco and other companies as defendants.
“Defendant Johnson & Johnson, a Fortune 50 Company with $60 billion in annual sales, knew of defects, impurities and contamination in the children's drugs and, yet, embarked on a ‘phantom’ or ‘stealth’ recall of these drugs to hide these problems so the general public, ignorant of the dangers, would continue buying and administering these brand name drugs to their children,” reads the lawsuit.
The suit references internal emails from McNeil executives, one of which celebrates the successful quiet mass purchase of Children’s Tylenol by saying, “This was a major win for us as it limits the press that will be seen.”
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Grieving Parents Blast J&J 'Stealth Recall' (by Joe Harris, Courthouse News Service)
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Thebes 9 years ago
yet another example of corporate "america" putting profits before people. no wonder so many americans are getting fed up with these multi-nationally owned corporations.
Michael Rivero 9 years ago
“this was a major win for us as it limits the press that will be seen.” j&j are a featured story on my talk radio show today. every executive who went along with this decision ought to be hung, drawn, quartered, then shot (twice, where it hurts real bad), and sentenced to live in detroit.

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