If You Miss Bush and Cheney, There’s a New Web Site For You

Tuesday, February 03, 2009
Time Runs Out for Bush and Cheney

Remember George Bush and Dick Cheney? Most Americans would prefer not to. But there remains a hardcore group of Bush-Cheney fans who want to keep their legacy alive. The warm center of this group is the Bush-Cheney Alumni Association, which is open to “all employees, appointees, and interns of President George W. Bush during his terms as President and Governor, as well as campaign donors and volunteers.” The group now has a web site, the highlight of which is 215 pages worth of articles of “Praise for President’s Accomplishments.” Here Americans who are already nostalgic for the Bush-Cheney Era can find such balms as “Compassionate to the End” by Michael Gerson, “Bush Has a Good Economic Record” by Keith Marsden, “Lincoln, Churchill, Bush?” by Thomas Donnelly, and “What Bush and Batman Have in Common” by Andrew Klavan.



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