15 Biggest Imports from Mexico

Thursday, January 26, 2017
(Graphic: Kevin Brookhouser, http://www.20time.org/blog/letter)

Now that President Donald Trump has announced that he wants to pay for his border wall by adding a 20% tax to all imports from Mexico, it is worth taking a look at what those imports are. Here are the 15 biggest in dollar amounts, using the final figures from 2015.


1. Miscellaneous parts and accessories for vehicles—$42.9 billion

2. Trucks, buses and other special purpose vehicles—$29.1 billion

3. Passenger cars—$23.4 billion

4. Computers—$15.4 billion

5. Telecommunications equipment—$14.3 billion

6. Electric apparatus—$12.6 billion

7. Televisions and video equipment—$12.5 billion

8. Crude oil—$12.5 billion

9. Engines and engine parts (carburetors, pistons, rings, and valves)—$9.4 billion

10. Household appliances—$7.2 billion

11. Medicinal equipment—$6.7 billion

12. Miscellaneous industrial machines—$6.6 billion

13. Vegetables—$5.7 billion

14. Fruits and frozen juices—$5.4 billion

15. Generators, accessories—$5.4 billion

-David Wallechinsky


To learn more:

U.S. Imports from Mexico 2006 - 2015 (United States Census Bureau)


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