What Happened to the 6-Year-Old Tibetan Boy the Chinese Government Kidnapped 20 Years Ago?

Sunday, May 17, 2015


David Mastry 6 years ago
Yes, what happened to the young boy and even of greater interest at this present time is what in the heck happened to the news article on the subject of what happened to the boy? Have the Chinese made a sizable donation to the local chapter of "The Know Nothing Club" or did former Sec. of State, H. Clinton, make a kindly request to have it removed all the while having your shorthairs wired to ten pounds of "new and improved" C4, "now with THERMITE"> I know, it had to be Dick Cheney wanting the only existent copy for his scrapbook danced a fine Fandango, buck naked except for the multiple bells on his toes, in exchange for it...again. Damn that Dick....!

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