Wisconsin to Allow Concealed Guns in State Assembly…But not Cameras or Signs

Monday, October 31, 2011
Forbidden sign in Wisconsin
Apparently, the government of the state of Wisconsin believes that the lens is mightier than the bullet. Having approved a new law allowing residents to carry concealed weapons beginning November 1, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is now working on a policy to allow visitors to bring their handguns into the state Capitol.
Walker’s support for concealed weapons has drawn mixed reactions from lawmakers. Some have welcomed the new policy and will allow constituents to visit legislative offices with their guns.
In the state Assembly, weapons will be allowed in the Assembly chambers and in viewing galleries. But visitors will be barred from using still cameras and video cameras. And they can be arrested for holding up signs.
Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller (D) doesn’t like the idea of weapons in the Capitol. “People should be able to enter public buildings and feel safe....There’s children who come in the building, for Pete’s sake.”
The decision to permit guns inside the Capitol comes only months after large-scale protests took place outside the building, causing the Walker administration to install metal detectors to ensure no weapons were brought in. The protests were mostly peaceful but politically charged after the governor pushed through changes impacting public employee unions.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Wisconsin Capitol to Allow Guns (by Patrick Marley and Jason Stein, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Wisconsin Citizens Dragged From Public Meeting For Video Recording (by Carlos Miller, Pixiq) 


weaponsofmassdeception 6 years ago
another purely political stunt by the gop in fitzwalkerstan. suppress 1st amendment rights while increasing 2nd amendment rights. it's easy to follow the constitution when you get to interpret only certain parts of it,
Sarah Montol 6 years ago
i think they should ban concealed silenced guns. silenced guns are very dangerous in the right hands. if you want to know how a silencer reduces the gun sound, this article gives a great explanation. http://explainlikeakid.blogspot.com/2011/10/how-silencer-works.html
TxKicker 6 years ago
in texas we've allowed it in our capital for over a year now without incident. we even have established a concealed handgun licence line that allows those with legal permits to bypass metal detectors. on the subject of cameras and video cameras, i view that ban as infringment on your right to information. as long as it doesn't disrupt the activities, which is why i agree with the signs, i don't see why video cameras and non-flash photography would be a problem. sounds like they're not wanting to let what happens leave the room.

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