What Do Rocket Fuel and Baby Formula Have in Common?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A recent study by scientists at the Centers for Disease Control has found potentially dangerous levels of perchlorate, a chemical used in rocket fuel, in powered infant formula. Exposure to perchlorate damages the thyroid and might potentially impair brain development in infants.  Widespread perchlorate contamination is due in large part to rocket and missile tests during the Cold War Era. 

The alarming study has shed light on a nearly decade-long regulation debate that has intensified in recent years. Environmentalists have called for federal standards regulating the amount of perchlorate in the water supply, but government officials disagree on the necessity for regulation and safe exposure levels for the chemical. Past studies have found perchlorate in the drinking water supply of 28 states.  
In the most recent study, scientists tested 15 brands of infant formula and all were found to have perchlorate present. Of the types of formulas tested, those derived from cow’s milk with lactose had the highest concentration of the chemical, compared to their soy-based counterparts. Researchers warned that mixing perchlorate-tainted water with the powered formulas could easily expose infants to perchlocrate levels that exceed the “safe” level currently recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  
Last fall, the EPA under the Bush Administration proclaimed that perchlorate posed no real threat to most Americans and federal regulation was unnecessary. This was seen as a large victory for the Pentagon and defense contractors who would otherwise be responsible for clean-up efforts that might cost upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars. The new EPA administrator under the Obama Administration, Lisa Jackson, promised to work towards reducing perchlorate levels during her confirmation hearing, but has yet to announce a plan of action. 
-Adrine Akopyan
Powdered Cow's Milk Formula Contains Thyroid Toxin (by Anila Jacobs, Environmental Working Group)


Larry Ladd 15 years ago
It's very important that the public understand that perchlorate does not just affect the thyroid, it affects the cd34 stem cells that form thyroid and connective tissue. See York et al 2005 pubmed id 16393938 and Jendelova et al 2005 pubmed id 15929552. http://www.perchlorate.org
I salina 15 years ago
Check on youtube : FLOW- deleted scene_Rocket Fuel in Drinking Water http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DejQf67ttk

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