Voters Sue Florida over Misleading Ballot Language

Thursday, July 01, 2010
(AP Photo)

Four individuals are suing the Florida Department of State over the choice of language in a ballot summary for the November election. At issue is the description of Amendment 9, which was put on the ballot by state lawmakers unhappy with the federal health care reform law.

Plaintiffs Mona Mangat, Diana Demerest, Gracie Fowler, and Louisa McQueeney claim the title and summary of Amendment 9 is misleading and does not reveal the constitutional amendment’s true purpose, which is to thwart the new health care law, they argue.
The four Floridian women say the ballot summary addresses issues that are not actually included in the amendment, such as ensuring access to health care services “without waiting lists,” protecting “the doctor-patient relationship” and guarding “against mandates that don’t work.”
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Florida Lies on the Ballot, Voters Say (by Dan McCue, Courthouse News Service)
Mona Mangat et al. v. Florida Department of State (Florida Second Judicial Circuit Court) (pdf)


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