Verizon Claims Right to “Edit” What You See on the Internet

Sunday, July 15, 2012
Like other Internet service providers, Verizon is fighting to derail the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rules for network neutrality. But Verizon has set itself apart from other ISPs with its legal arguments for why the FCC’s Open Internet Order should be tossed out.
In its legal brief filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, Verizon lawyers claim the FCC has exceeded its regulatory authority by trying to dictate how ISPs control the flow of information across their networks. More importantly, the company claims the net neutrality rules violate its First Amendment and Fifth Amendment rights.
As Verizon sees it, “broadband networks are the modern-day microphone by which their owners [e.g. Verizon] engage in First Amendment speech.” Furthermore, the company should be allowed to act like a newspaper does, selectively choosing what information should be allowed to stay and what should be selected out.
Verizon’s alarming argument has been rejected by Internet users who have read Verizon’s brief. Author Jeff Jarvis noted that “The First Amendment argument is absurd on its face. Does Verizon really want to be responsible for everything distributed on the net, including libel, theft, and other illegal behavior? I doubt it. Verizon is no publisher.”
Verizon also claims the FCC regulations interfere with its Fifth Amendment protections for private property rights. The government cannot get in the way of Verizon’s networks unless it is willing to compensate the business, attorneys insist.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
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James Rustle 11 years ago
how dare they
Knowledge 11 years ago
ok this is just absurd i see the where they are trying to go with this but bottom line is this: they are a telecommunications provider that also supports internet service provider. so with that in mind when you enter into a contract with them for goods and services, it is for internet and/or a telecommunications device i.e. phone, mms, sms, ect. you however are not subscribing to a newspaper or are you made aware of it nor do they express clearly that they are acting in such a manner. i know for a fact that in the state of wisconsin the wisconsin consumer act (wac) in compliance with the federal consumer protection act bars such actions if the contracts they enter into a false or misleading also the provisions under the wac states that such contracts are as such construable and the reality is that anyone currently with a contract with verizon would have the ability to cancel there contract and receive back the money that they paid in. so if they wish to act that way they risk in wisconsin alone millions of dollars just to restrict what their subscribers view.

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