U.S. and Kansas Sue DuPont for Poisoning Water and Soil

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Federal and state officials have joined together to go after DuPont for allegedly dumping hazardous substances into Kansas’ waterways and soil.
In a lawsuit filed in federal court, the U.S. Department of Justice, along with environmental officials from Kansas, claim that the Waco Subsite of DuPont’s Cherokee County Superfund Site has discharged lead, cadmium, zinc and other poisons from mines into surface areas and bodies of water, in violation of the 1972 Clean Water Act.
The polluting has impacted migratory birds, fish and other life forms.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency placed the Cherokee County Superfund Site on its National Priorities List in 1983. It consists of 115 square miles in southeast Kansas, near the borders with Missouri and Oklahoma. The Waco Subsite covers about 560 acres.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
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Shea 6 years ago
This is the first I have heard of this, publicly. It is only recently that I found "Grasselli" and "Waco, Kansas", together, in a document. (Waco is in Missouri, but the EPA lawsuit noted it as Kansas). How are citizens to be protected when they are not informed? Only this week, I discovered ANOTHER "Grasselli" (Number 2) located in Jasper County between Center Creek and Turkey Creek on/near the former Atlas property (which was also owned by Du Pont). Du Pont was paid the obligatory $1.00 per annum by the government and was part of the Manhattan Engineers District (MED) and Savannah River Nuclear Plant. The International Atomic Energy Agency listed both Cherokee County, Kansas and Jasper County, Missouri as radioactive sites AFTER the EPA ASKED THEM TO COME HERE to clean up our radiation issues. (They did NOT ask the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to come here and fix it, or it would HAVE TO BE REGISTERED AND MADE PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. This is being KEPT from the citizens living in the Tri-State Mining District Superfund Site of Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Where is the justice for those exposed to radiation, toxic chemicals and heavy metals since BEFORE WWII? It seems every governmental entity is keeping this knowledge from us...but all things hidden shall come to light. Jayhawk Ordnance Works, Du Pont, Rogers Iron Works and Eagle Picher all released radionuclides, toxic chemicals and heavy metals which are still harming citizens living here. Joplin's birth defects are approximately 3 times higher than the national average. Three of my 4 children are deceased. Early death and disability are noted for our area. Justice. Since Waco is in Missouri, please explain why MISSOURI was not included in this lawsuit? Please explain why human body burdens (levels of contamination the PEOPLE have in their bodies) is not being tested? Free medical monitoring? Free Medical Care? Compensation? Do you want to know why the government should pay health care? It is because they seemingly caused MOST of the health issues across America since WWII by allowing corporations like Du Pont (aka Grasselli) and Spencer Chemical, Monsanto, Mallinckrodt, General Atomics (aka General Dynamics, Kerr MCGee, etc) to experiment and release toxic chemicals and radiation, unbeknownst to us...(The Tri-State Mining District Superfund Site should be included in the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act "RECA" like New Mexico, Colorado and other 'civilians' living in states exposed to radiation...but here, it should ALSO include "pesticides" and Heavy Metals from our radioactive Lead and Radioactive Coal.) From my lips...to God's ears.
Bob Nelson 12 years ago
on march 12, 2012, dupont executed a consent decree (cd) to resolve natural resource damages (nrd) for the cherokee county, ks waco subsite, an area of the cherokee county superfund site. dupont resolved its liability for a cash payment. the cd was lodged with the u. s. district court - district of kansas on april 19, 2012 and will be subject to a 30 day public notice and comment period. this agreement underscores dupont's continuing commitment to work in cooperation with the public sector to resolve environmental responsibilities related to former operations at the waco subsite. dupont is currently remediating the former grasseli mine, an area within the larger waco subsite, cherokee county superfund site. dupont agreed in 2007 to fund remediation costs and conduct the remediation associated with contamination at the grasseli mine. bob nelson dupont corporate remediation group

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