Trump Calls Superman a Bad Role Model because He’s an Illegal Alien

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that the time has come to remove all Superman comic books from libraries and shops and all Superman movies from all sources because “they glorify an illegal alien.”


Trump senior policy advisor Stephen Miller offered a more detailed explanation. “Superman is no different from the hordes of criminals that are sneaking across our borders. His father sent him to infiltrate the United States and use a fake name to do so. The Superman myth, spread mostly through vulnerable children, normalizes illegal immigration by presenting him as a hero.”


Trump spokesman Steve Doocy added, “Superman also undermines accepted American morality by wearing his underwear on the outside.”


Sue Watkins of the International War Refugee Assistance Society disputed the Trump Administration’s characterization of Superman. “Superman is, in fact, a perfect example of why we need immigrants,” she said. “He fled a disaster zone, was taken in by a kind, patriotic American family, and he has devoted his life to helping others.”


Later, Trump himself clarified his position by telling reporters, “I’m the one with special powers. Do you think Superman aka Clark Kent could declare an emergency to build a wall even when both houses of Congress voted against it and the majority of Americans don’t want it? Superman broke through walls. I create them.”

David Wallechinsky




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