The Mysterious Post-Katrina Death of Henry Glover

Sunday, July 12, 2009
Henry Glover (photo-Chandra McCormick and Keith Calhoun)

The FBI is now investigating the mysterious death of Henry Glover of New Orleans, who died on September 2, 2005, during the flooding of the city by Hurricane Katrina. According to resident Will Tanner, he found Glover, an African American, with a gunshot wound to the chest, but still alive. He loaded the wounded man into his car and drove to a nearby elementary school where police were stationed. But instead of helping Glover, Tanner claims police seized his car, with one officer taking off with it while Glover was still inside. Days later, Tanner’s car was found burned out on the Algiers levee, with Glover’s blackened corpse inside. A federal grand jury has been hearing testimony from police officers about what happened to Glover’s body.

Algiers Point was also the locale of the attempted murder of Donnell Herrington, who was allegedly attacked by a group of white vigilantes on the same day that Glover died. Two Pennsylvania police officers who traveled to New Orleans to volunteer in the post-hurricane chaos videoed Paul Gleeson who claimed he and other white gunmen randomly shot 38 people for looting. Gleeson’s account has not been corroborated, because the Irish citizen has since been deported.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
New Evidence Surfaces in Post-Katrina Crimes (by A.C. Thompson, ProPublica)
Body of Evidence (by A.C. Thompson, ProPublica)


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