Taxpayers to Cover War Contractor Losses in Lawsuits by Soldiers

Tuesday, December 07, 2010
If 34 National Guard soldiers win their lawsuit against contractor KBR Inc., the Department of Defense—and thus taxpayers—will wind up paying for the civil damages, not the company that did the wrongdoing. That’s because KBR received an immunity clause in its government contract just prior to the Iraq invasion in 2003, granting it protection from any civil lawsuits arising from the company’s work.
The Guardsmen allege that while protecting KBR’s operations, they were exposed to the toxic chemical hexavalent chromium. That exposure resulted in the soldiers suffering serious health problems, they claim.
If the plaintiffs win their case, they could receive $150 million in a settlement—money that essentially will come out of the U.S. Treasury.
-Noel Brinkerhoff


robertsgt40 11 years ago
The rich get richer. The poor have babies. The middle class gets the bill.

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