Taser Deaths on the Rise

Wednesday, September 08, 2010
Adam Colliers, killed by Taser in Gold Bar, Washington
Taser-related deaths by law enforcement appear to be on the rise, according to The Raw Story. Citing a 2008 report from Amnesty International, the news website found that Taser deaths averaged about four a month from 2001-2008. But more recent statistics compiled by the African-American issues blog Electronic Village show the monthly average since January 2009 has gone up to five deaths. In all, at least 447 people have been killed by Tasers in the last ten years.
Electronic Village says 96 individuals have died in the past two years after being subjected to “energy weapons” by police. The most recent occurred in the Seattle area, where two people died in separate incidents within a week of each other after being Tasered by law enforcement officials.
-Noel Brinkerhoff


Excited-Delirium blog 11 years ago
Cameron Ward is a well-known and highly-respected civil rights lawyer in BC, Canada. I've just confirmed with him that the above comment is not his. Just for the record. Now, taser death rates. Before the introduction of the more-often deadly X26 taser in 2003, the taser death rate was less than one per month. Starting in 2003, the rate shows a linear climb to a running average of seven per month. It was steady until late-2009 when Taser International finally issued new targeting guidance to avoid the chest. It showed a temporary drop. But has now climbed right back up again as police ignore the warnings and base policy on lies. Meanwhile, actual taser use in BC and western cities is down by 90+%, which may explain why police executions by taser are equally reduced. Also worth noting is that none of the doomsday scenarios of wholesale slaughter and entire police forces in hospital have occurred. Facts are facts. Tasers can kill. It's random. It doesn't happen all the time, but tasers do kill people that otherwise would not have been shot dead with a firearm. The manufacturer has lied about taser safety. Lied. I'm willing to state that because their story keeps changing. How can you tell that a stungun salesman is lying? His mouth is moving.
Cameron Ward 11 years ago
Actually the so called deaths are no higher than last year. As well the deaths in 2009 and 2010 are well below the deaths for 2005-2006-2007-2008 So the statistics here are not accurate. Facts is that world wide usage is up and the deaths are down when you look at the real numbers. Canada only had one in a span of 13-14 months Also why does the UK, NZ, and Australia have a much lower rate than the USA Less of a drug problem Then again all the information comes from blogs

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