Salmon May Become First Genetically Modified Animal Approved for Human Consumption

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Real Atlantic Salmon (photo Paul Nicklen, National Geographic)

In what could become the first step towards allowing genetically-engineered animals into the American diet, the Food and Drug Administration is debating whether to approve a new breed of salmon that can grow twice as fast as natural salmon.

AquaBounty Technologies is seeking FDA approval for its Atlantic salmon that has genes from Chinook salmon and the pout, a fish distantly related to salmon. The modified DNA structure allows the Atlantic salmon to reach its “market size” in 16 to 18 months instead of three years.
If the FDA allows the genetically-altered salmon to be sold to American consumers, other companies are likely to seek approval for their modified animals. These include cattle that can’t contract mad cow disease and pigs that can allegedly produce “healthier bacon.”
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table (by Andrew Pollack, New York Times)


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