Republicans Strike Out in Search for Americans Hurt by Obamacare

Monday, May 12, 2014
(graphic: Steve Straehley, AllGov)

Obamacare is the real “American Horror Story,” or so the Republican Party has said time and again in political ads and public remarks by politicians. The GOP’s unrelenting criticism of the healthcare law has featured personal tales of anguish and fear by Americans claiming the law caused them to lose their insurance plan or pay fantastically higher premiums or both.


But like most horror stories told on television, there’s more fiction than truth to the GOP’s tales.


Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, with eyes on the 2016 presidential nomination, has said that for every person in his state who signed up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act, 40 other Kentuckians had their plans cancelled.


Not so, says Politifact, the Tampa Bay Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking blog. Yes, it is estimated that somewhere between 130,000 and 168,000 plans were cancelled in the state, although many of those policyholders were re-enrolled into new plans. Nevertheless, the cancellation total was considerably less than the total of Kentuckians who signed up for insurance under Obamacare: more than 410,000, including enrollment in private plans and Medicaid, according to PolitiFact, which classified Rand’s claim a “pants on fire” lie.


When contacted by The Washington Post about the 40-to-1 cancellation claim, Paul spokesman Brian Darling said the figures used in making the claim were out of date.

“Given that, by some estimates, Obamacare cut Kentucky’s uninsured level by 40 percent, Kentucky might not be the best place to look for horror stories,” The Wire’s Arit John wrote.


In Nebraska, Republicans have warned Obamacare is scarier than Children of the Corn.

The frightening tale there belongs to Andrea Kodad, mother of two, who told U.S. Representative Lee Terry in his political ad that Obamacare caused her premium to go up by $300.


Again, not true. This time the fact checking was provided by the Post’s Glenn Kessler, who found Nebraska allows residents to keep their existing health insurance plan for two more years. This meant Kodad was able to avoid switching insurance and paying a higher premium.


When contacted about this bogus claim, a Terry spokesman argued that Obamacare is still a serious problem because it’s causing “uncertainty” for Americans.


Uncertainty!…not exactly an armrest-gripping nightmare like Saw or Paranormal Activity.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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anonamouse 10 years ago
It's an election year, fer godsake. Who cares what they are saying, since it's mostly lies and/or spin? The point someone might make is that the harm caused by Obamacare is years away from manifesting: rates may go down slightly for some at first, since the pool of insured is larger now, meaning a temporary increase in available funds. In a few years, health care "needs" will be much higher --- health care being to some extent a barometer of the state of the nation's psychosomatic health --- but the pool will be no larger, hence rates must start rising. And they will continue to rise until politicians step in and do two things: 1) cut back benefits; 2) revise eligibility and tighten controls. Eventually, "death panels" will be needed to control costs where they are highest --- the final weeks of a person's life. Eventually, lifestyles will have to conform to congressional mandates; maybe they'll try alcohol Prohibition again. But, hey, that's years away. ... Enjoy!
phicrappazappa 10 years ago
So Nebraska Obamacare - like Obamacare in the rest of the country - has been postponed for two years. This makes A Kodad a stinky liar? Nope! Just two years away from being screwed like everyone else - AFTER THE ELECTIONS. Kentucky "estimates"? By whom? Biased WH media BS. Everyone has an agenda. Time to realize you're not included.

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