Registering Animal Abusers

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

California may yet again become the first in the nation to set political precedence, this time by treating animal abusers in a similar manner as sex offenders. Legislation introduced in the State Senate would require anyone convicted of a felony involving animal cruelty to register with the police and have their offense, certain personal information and a current photograph posted online. The plan is being pushed by Senator Dean Florez, a conservative Democrat from Fresno.

Florez insists his bill will enjoy bipartisan support, because the legislature’s recently formed Animal Protection Caucus has both Democratic and Republican members. However, some GOP legislators object to the financing mechanism in the bil,l which would levy a small tax on pet food.
California has adopted other animal-friendly legislation in recent years, including a first-of-its-kind ban on tail-docking of dairy cows, in which tails are partly amputated to make milking easier for farmers. Two years ago, state voters approved Proposition 2, which required farmers to give hens, calves and pigs more room in their crates or cages.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Lawmakers Consider an Animal Abuse Registry (by Jesse McKinley, New York Times)


jim gould 7 years ago
Please allow EASY ACCESS for contacting the senators of each state that want our support in helping pass laws against animals. Some web site where comments can be left. Possibly a blog to keep all informed and make suggestions on how to help.
nanci little 7 years ago
Sadists are 'born that way' lacking the mirror neurons necessary to FEEL for anything or anyone but themselves. They cannot be 'changed' nor 'educated' but they can be made to fear exposure and punishment for criminal activities.. All of society is at risk from such sub-humans because they derive pleasure from watching/causing terror, pain and suffering to anyone/anything unable to fight back; thus a child, an elderly, disabled or infirm human is just as much at risk as the next unlucky animal that crosses their path. WE NEED a National Animal Abusers Registry to protect the rest of us from unknowingly hiring, working for, renting to, moving next door to, adopting out to or even selling a puppy to, or socializing in any way, anywhere UNAWARE, with people whom most of us consider monsters, for the sake of our kids, two AND four legged! Mug shots, names, last known addresses, the charges, and every court judgement should include NEVER being allow any animal ownership INCLUDING NO RESIDENCE/LIVING SITUATION allowed where there are pets!! Just like Child Molesters, they will commit this kind of criminal act, again and again, if they are not being watched and monitored. They WILL NOT STOP, they just learn to HIDE better! Give us, please, the NATIONAL Registry and keep it easily accessible and updated, so the rest of us in society have the information we need to protect our families from those who would harm them..
Mary Hagerty 12 years ago
If a person has the mind set to harm an innocent animal then the next step from that is harming innocent humans!!! If we make this the same as the sex offender register then we would be able to keep track and to see if there is a potential treat for more severe violent offenses!!!!!

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