Pennsylvania Caught Cheating on Water Test that Showed Fracking Poisons

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

State officials in Pennsylvania have been exposed for not revealing the presence of toxic metals in drinking water located near the site of hydraulic fracturing (or fracking).


The revelation came about as a result of a lawsuit claiming that fracking and the storage of resulting wastewater in southwestern Pennsylvania had contaminated  water supplies near the Range Resources drilling site and sickened seven people.


Taru Upadhyay, a scientist for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, testified that her laboratory tested for metals in the water but withheld some of the results because the department’s oil and gas division did not request all the information.


Upadhyay said metals were found in the water sample, including copper, nickel, zinc, and titanium, all of which can be harmful to human health. But the findings were not released to the oil and gas division or to the homeowner who requested the tests.


Those being sued are 17 companies, including Range Resources, which is a leading developer of natural gas in Pennsylvania.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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Yader 11 years ago
These Fracking Companies need to be regulated. The water suplpy will be destroyed if they keep drilling for Natural Gas with these TOXIC CHEMICALS. Not to mention the Toxic Plumes we are breathing. They are paying these poor farmers and land owners to use their land to make profits at any cost. How do we let them drill for oil in our oceans and have the accidents like in the Gulf. They will run wild if let be. Profits is what matters to these Companies. Lets force them to be responsible and not use these Toxic Chemicals. As far as I know, only water and sand was used in the old days. I'd like to know if these chemicals are also being used in our oceans. We the People Need to Stand Up!!!!!!!
Turtle 11 years ago
We must stand together legally. it is an amazing organization worth checking out.

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