Only 28% of Americans Hold Favorable View of the Federal Government

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
(AP Photo)

The federal government has reached an all-time low in popularity with the American people, with even a majority of Democrats expressing negative feelings for Washington.


Overall, just 28% of respondents to a new Pew Research Center poll expressed a favorable view of the U.S. government—the lowest ever recorded by Pew.


Even Democrats, who have historically viewed the federal government favorably during Democratic administrations, are fed up. Only 41% said they have a positive outlook, while 51% have a negative one.


Republicans continue to express displeasure towards Washington, with only 13% holding a favorable opinion. Twenty-seven percent of independents said the same.


Americans have much warmer feelings towards lower levels of government. Fifty-seven percent of respondents were okay with their state government, which was up five points from a 2012 survey. Local government had the highest approval ratings, with 63 percent of Americans holding a favorable view.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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