New Arizona Law Makes Cities Re-Sell Guns Collected in Buy-Back Programs

Thursday, May 02, 2013
Gun buy-back program in Tucson (photo: Brian Skoloff, AP)

Republicans legislators in Arizona, along with the National Rifle Association, have pushed through a new law requiring local governments to resell guns obtained through buy-back programs, which were originally intended to reduce the number of firearms in circulation.


Republican Governor Jan Brewer, a gun-rights advocate, signed the legislation that tells cities they cannot melt down or otherwise destroy weapons from buy-back efforts, and instead must put them up for sale.


Supporters argued that the change in law will provide municipalities with new revenues through gun reselling. In 2010, Arizona passed a law requiring that firearms seized by police be given to gun dealers for resale.


Opponents of the new law claimed that weapons obtained through buy-back programs were exempt from this requirement and said the new bill sent the wrong message.


“This action by the governor is not only outrageous, but it is insensitive for us now to be putting these guns back on the streets,” state Senator Steve Gallardo (D) told Reuters.


The new law does not say what penalties a city may face if it defies the new requirements.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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