Nebraska Town Upholds Ban on Renting Homes to Illegal Immigrants

Sunday, February 16, 2014
Anti-illegal immigrant supporters raise their hands in Fremont, Nebraska July 27, 2010 (photo: Natt Harnik, AP)

Illegal immigrants in Fremont, Nebraska, weren’t welcome four years ago, and they’re still not welcome now, based on the latest local election results.


Back in 2010, residents of the small town (population: 26,000) adopted a measure that barred landlords from renting apartments or homes to undocumented immigrants. The same law also required renters to obtain a permit from law enforcement and declare they were legal U.S. residents.


Opponents of the ordinance filed suit to have it thrown out. But those efforts failed in a federal appeals court. The legal challenge did convince city officials to put the matter up for another vote.


The 2014 results, though, were the same as before: a strong majority of voters (nearly 60%) favored the anti-illegal immigrant law. Four years ago, it passed with 57% of the vote.


Some city leaders, like Mayor Scott Getzschman, want the housing provision eliminated, claiming it has hurt Fremont’s reputation and discouraged businesses from relocating there. Although Fremont is economically dependent on agribusiness, its largest employer is meat-packing giant Hormel.


This stance has made Getzschman unpopular with the law’s supporters, who see illegal immigrants as a drain on public resources and sources of increased crime.


U.S. Census figures show that 1,150 non-citizens live Fremont, including illegal immigrants, foreign students and refugees, according to the Associated Press.

-Noel Brinkerhoff


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