KBR Wins Iraq Electrical Contract Despite Electrocution Deaths of Soldiers

Monday, February 09, 2009
Ryan Maseth, electrocuted in Iraq

The Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a $35 million contract to KBR for work at Camp Adder in south-central Iraq despite the fact that KBR is under criminal investigation in the death by electrocution of at least two American soldiers. The work at Camp Adder will include the construction of a power plant and an electrical distribution center. The electrocution death in a shower of Staff Sgt. Ryan Maseth, a Green Beret from Pittsburgh, has been attributed to KBR’s failure to ensure that qualified electricians did the work. In a second case, Staff Sgt. Christopher Lee Everett of the Texas Army National Guard was killed when the power washer he was using to clean a vehicle short-circuited. Since President George W. Bush invaded Iraq, KBR has received $40 billion in contracts for Iraq-related work.

KBR Wins Contract Despite Criminal Probe of Deaths (by Kimberly Hefling, Associated Press)
Families Demand Answers in Iraq Electrocutions (by Robin Acton, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)


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