Federal Employees Ready for Change

Friday, January 16, 2009

Every two years the U.S. Office of Personnel Management conducts a Federal Human Capital Survey, in which it asks federal employees their opinion regarding dozens of work-related matters. The vast majority of federal employees are satisfied with their work conditions and believe that the work they do is important. However, there are two important areas where federal workers are looking for improvement. Only 42.3% are satisfied with the policies and practices of their senior leaders, probably reflecting the fact that the Bush administration switched the traditional missions of many government agencies. The other red-flag area is a problem as old as the nation: a widespread feeling that promotions and raises are not related to job performance. Only 25.6% of federal workers feel that raises are based on performance; only 29.6% believe that steps are taken to deal with employees who perform poorly; and only 35.2% think that promotions are based on merit.

Items Rank Ordered by Positive Responses (Federal Human Capital Survey 2008)


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