Climate Scientist Sues Climate Change Skeptic for Libel

Wednesday, February 09, 2011
Climate skeptic Tim Ball
Accused of falsifying data on climate change, Canadian scientist Andrew Weaver is suing fellow expert Tim Ball, an outspoken skeptic of the issue, for defamation.
Weaver, a researcher at the University of Victoria and former editor of Journal of Climate, claims that Ball, a former professor of climatology at the University of Winnipeg, disparaged him in an article published by the conservative website, Canada Free Press. In “Corruption of Climate Science Has Created 30 Lost Years,” Ball wrote that Weaver had made up data while working on the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
The lawsuit accuses Ball of saying that Weaver “cheated the Canadian taxpayer by accepting public funding for climate science research although he has little or no knowledge about climate science and is incapable of conducting useful research,” and that he “bribed university students with research funds so they would participate in useless computer modeling studies…”
The article was removed from the Canada Free Press site, which published a long retraction and apology to Weaver.
Weaver previously sued Canada’s National Post newspaper for libel in April 2010 after it published stories “accusing him of cherry-picking scientific data to support his research,” wrote Courthouse News Service.
The scientist also has made headlines for criticizing the UN climate change panel, saying it has been tainted by political advocacy. Weaver also demanded that the panel’s chairman resign, in an effort to steer the body back towards a course of neutrality.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Climatologist Claims Denier Defamed Him (by Darryl Greer, Courthouse News Service)
Notice of Civil Claim (Supreme Court of British Columbia) (pdf)
Climate Scientist Sues Skeptic for Libel (by John Collins Rudolf, New York Times)


Kelly Manning 11 years ago
tim ball is not andrew weaver's "fellow expert" by any stretch of the imagination. ball was a lowest rung geography professor for eight years. ball is apparently unaware that sea water is a dense solution of salt, not fresh water. he used to do a comedy routine of letting an ice cube melt in a cup of fresh water, noting that there was no change in the water level. melted floating sea ice has a larger volume than the sea water that it displaced, and raises sea level. so much for dr. ball's grasp of basic science. ball's only "scientific" papers are on historical analysis of the journals of hudson bay traders and factors. those journals, by the way, show how the northern climate has warmed in recent centuries, contradicting ball's unrelated claim that global warming is not happening. ball is not a scientist, he is a geographer who denies the observed fact of evolution, and the observed fact of global warming and sea level rise.

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