Accused WikiLeaks Leaker Charged with Aiding Enemy…but Which Enemy?

Monday, March 07, 2011
Bradley Manning
Private Bradley Manning, accused of giving large volumes of classified documents to WikiLeaks, now faces the serious charge of “aiding the enemy” after the U.S. Army filed 22 additional charges against him.
A conviction for “aiding the enemy” can mean the death penalty, although military prosecutors claim they would only seek life imprisonment for Manning.
But who is the enemy?
The Army’s charges don’t answer this question. If it’s the Taliban or al-Qaeda who have benefitted from the publishing of military and diplomatic files on the Internet, then Manning’s aid would have been indirect since he had no connect with either group. Even this argument would appear to be a stretch of logic because Manning’s intent was to make the information available to the public at large and it is unclear how the Taliban or al-Qaeda were actually helped.
One theory is that the Obama administration intends to declare WikiLeaks itself an enemy, which in turn could lead to a demand that either the United Kingdom or Sweden extradite the group’s founder, Julian Assange, to the United States.
-David Wallechinsky, Noel Brinkerhoff
Charge Sheet (U.S. Army) (pdf)


MK Ultra 7 years ago
This is the same policy as "shoot them first and ask questions later." Charge him with aiding the enemy and figure out later who the enemy is. If there isn't one, invent it. It shouldn't be too hard. One look at 9/11 ought to remind them how it's done.
Belda 7 years ago
Obviously we, the people, are the enemy that this government fears. We are the enemy who must be confused and misinformed. We must be controlled, manipulated and lied to. How dare this young man help us an any way. That is why he is being held and tortured by a government that we the people support with our tax dollars. Remember that when you are close enough to you elected officials to spit in their eye.

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