Director of the Office of Government Ethics: Who Is Walter Shaub, Jr.?

Sunday, June 24, 2012
A new ethics watchdog for federal employees is on the way. Walter M. Shaub, Jr., was nominated by President Obama on May 24 to serve a five-year term as Director of the Office of Government Ethics (OGE), succeeding Robert I. Cusick, Jr., whose term expired. OGE is an independent agency that aims to prevent conflicts of interest on the part of U.S. government employees, and works to resolve those conflicts if they occur. OGE also participates in developing ethics programs for the government’s anti-corruption foreign policy initiatives. Shaub’s nomination is subject to confirmation by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, which has yet to schedule a hearing.
Born in 1971 in Virginia, Shaub earned a B.A. in History from James Madison University in 1993 and a J.D. from the American University Washington College of Law in 1996. Starting his legal career as a government attorney, Shaub served as a staff attorney at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Baltimore-Washington Regional Counsel’s office from 1997 to 1998, at the Office of General Counsel of the Department of Health and Human Services from 1998 to 2000, and at the VA’s Central Office from 2000 to 2001. Shaub first worked for OGE from 2001 to 2004, leaving for the private sector to practice at the Washington, DC, law firm of Shaw, Bransford, Veilleux and Roth, where he focused on federal employment law until 2006.
Shaub has served at OGE continuously since 2006, specifically as a supervisory attorney from 2006 to 2008 and as deputy general counsel since 2008. At the same time, Shaub has been the designated chief Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) officer for OGE.
Shaub contributed $500 to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.
 -Matt Bewig
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Carol Freeland 1 week ago
I applaud your articulate and calm explanations on the duties of your department and this administrations lack of compliance or appreciation. I support your efforts competely and urge action on keeping the pressure of this administration to comply with the law, i.e. Conways promotion of young Trump's clothing line. Thank you for your hard work and ethics.
sharon talley 1 month ago
I urge you to maintain strong ethical standards and to speak openly about all of President Trump's activities. Please continue the standards that have been traditionally posed to all individuals holding public office.
donald glover 1 month ago
Our future president is not an employee.. Get over it dummy.There are millions of "gov employees". Work for the folks under your purview.
Dr. and Mrs. James Velayas 1 month ago
Please tell me that Trump will not get by without divesting himself from his business interests. If not he will use this country like a bank and drain every possible penny he can. He has the morals of a snake and somebody,somewhere has got to stop him or else we are doomed.
Dr. and Mrs. James Velayas 1 month ago
We did see your comment tonight on PBS you are spot on about Trump's plan to "remove" himself from his company in addition to running the country. The man is running rough shod over the institutions of our government. So what can be done about it because currently he's in send mode, he's doesn't seem to be absorbing the notion that he works for us and not vice versa and that he doesn't have the authority to change our government to suit his financial needs. Please tell me that someone will do something about this and not just let him get by with another stunt.
Mark Powell 1 month ago
Everything you read on the news on your phoneor watch on TV now is ALL lies... crying about this and he's doing this... I live in California in a State that's ALL blue... and I ask my fellow Americans. What has a Democrat done for you lately... I work pay my taxes... and all I see were doing in this State is supporting those who don't work and don't pay for there own health care... My Dad taught me to work HARD for what you want in life. Respect those who respect you, help one another as a good neighbor... I feel that Dems live a double standard... and they don't get there way hey cry wolf its not fair... dem supporters seem to act out in violence more verbally.. N. California runs our whole State which doesn't have a clue how to spend tax payor money.. and create laws that make NO sense.. Trump or Hilary will NOT change anything... just alot of ppl not happy cause they didn't get there way... LOL!!! When is America going to wake up and see politics will never work.. it's what's right for our ability as Americans who work and strive for a better future. Not cry about who got in office or he's this way or that way.. who are we to judge one another.. oh I forgot Dems don't believe in GOD!!! The bible speaks of how we are supposed to be, treat one another, love one another.. have good ethics.. hold an office with those standards..
Loren Piller 1 month ago
Quit dawdling and get to work. Times a wasting. If you don't want to be drained like the rest of the swamp do your job fast
Catherine Stark 1 month ago
Dear Mr. Shaub, I just read your letter to Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren reiterating your commitment to maintaining the integrity of the OGE and the ethics review of incoming cabinet members. What you are doing is not only critically important to our country but also to the millions of citizens who want a democracy and not an oligarchy. Thank you very much.
Fletch Slade 2 months ago
Regarding Katherine Clark's Bill H.R. 6340 Presidential Accountability Act As you most likely know by now, there is a Change.Org petition that is directed to yourself as well as Paul Ryan and Bob Goodlatte to pressure you three to support and pass Bill H.R. 6340. As offers no opportunity for people to signify their lack of support for a particular issue, I have taken the time to write to you to signify, individually, my non-support for Bill H.R. 6340. As with many of the hastily concocted plans and schemes of late, this is another example of hysteria that is presupposing actions and events; events that have not occurred yet and may very well never occur. In America, as you know, we have a tradition of law that all people are to be deemed innocent until they have been proven to be guilty, usually by a court of law. This Bill is designed to prevent any action or event that we have no way of knowing will actually occur. Many things in life may be likely to happen, but punitive legislation based on the presupposition of someone's behavior is not in keeping with American tradition or law. I ask you to remain focused on reality, upholding the office that you serve and to recognize Bill H.R. 6340 as the fear of fellow citizens who need clear guidance in their time of panic. If situations actually occur that will need the action and review of your office, I have every confidence that you and your staff will take the appropriate actions and correct the situations, but only once they are a reality and not a presupposition. Thank you for entertaining my opinion, one of many in our common endeavor, the United States of America.
Susan Devlin 2 months ago
Submitted to my Congressmen plus..can you help? A Plea for Justice…. To: Congressman Murphy Senator Casey Senator Toomey CC: Rep. Pelosi Senator McConnell Senator Reid Senator Schumer Speaker Ryan Has Congress lost their minds? I don’t know how much longer I can have any faith in our Government. I am appalled that our Congress turned their heads on the disgusting Candidate Trump and his narcissistic bigoted rhetoric. Okay, he won the Electoral votes, but lost the popular by 2.6 million…unprecedented! Okay…he won…he is our President elect! I would like to abide to the request of President Obama and Secretary Clinton. Let’s all try to bring our country together again. Got it. I must note these messages were directly opposite that of Senator McConnell the “day” of President Obama’s Inauguration…but we will still work with supporting President Elect if Congress can address that we have a renegade loose in our Government. How do we support a man who does what he wants and how he wants with no reverence to our Democratic system? When is our Congress going to get a spine and stand up for our constitution? No tax returns to see his business dealings all over the world (dangerous)! His hotel brings in tons of money from the Lobbyists and Foreign Powers to keep in his graces.. as well as filling his pockets (illegal?)! Divesting or liquidating his business holdings as was done by every other President in our history appear to be okay that he is not doing that either?! Bringing his family in to assist him on running the government (unconstitutional).! Being Executive Producer of a TV Show…so how does he keep his eye on “we the people”? On and On and On….WHEN ARE YOU going to stand up to this person who is shaming our country and just doing what he wants with no boundaries? Congress was not very effective for 8 years due to your feelings for President Obama who I admire for doing what he could in the halls of adversity. He purged forward with a smile on his face, always calm and forgiving from his first State of the Union address when Joe Wilson called him a “liar” to the many other disgraceful treatments he received from many of our sitting Congress persons (Senate and House). Congress has an opportunity to start to mend the emotions of the country and begin to bring us together again. Do it for your constituents…don’t allow the Bannon white nationalists and anti-Semites take over our country with a man you can not say “NO” to at any time! Enforce the laws of our Nation and demand that this President Elect follow those rules that he is now breaking “bigly”. Your efforts will be rewarded with acceptance from the many (2.6 million) voters that were not heard in this election. It is your duty to serve. Respectfully, Susan Devlin 412-595-7269 212 Brookside Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15241 Kathy Valasek 412-854-5767 2525 Shenandoah Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15241

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