Ambassador to Haiti: Who is Ken Merten?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kenneth H. Merten, a career diplomat of more than 20 years, was sworn in as U.S. ambassador to Haiti August 17, 2009. Merten has twice before worked in the small island nation.

Merten attended college at Miami University in Ohio, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1983. He later received a Masters in Public Administration from American University, and has studied at the Université d’Aix-Marseille in France and at Karl Franzens Universität in Austria.
Merten joined the Foreign Service in 1987. His work for the State Department has been divided between assignments in Washington, DC, and those overseas. His previous diplomatic postings abroad include serving as the economic counselor in Paris, France, followed by his first tour in Haiti as the economic section chief. He was the economic officer at the U.S. Mission to the European Union in Brussels, Belgium, and then performed the same function for the U.S. embassy in Bonn, Germany. Merten returned to Haiti to serve as vice consul in Port-au-Prince. 
His Washington assignments include two tours in the State Department Operations Center and service in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs and on the Cuba Desk, as well as a year as Special Assistant to the Special Advisors on Haiti.
Merten was serving as deputy executive secretary at the State Department when President Barack Obama nominated him in June for the ambassadorship to Haiti.
Merten and his wife Susan have two daughters.
-Noel Brinkerhoff


Margo Pomeroy 12 years ago
dear ken, my cousin kathleen davis has tried to contact you on numerous occasions and has had no success. both letters and emails are returned. i have wriien as well but as yet have not sent my letter. can you at least provide an address that will be successful? our government officals should be accsseable, don't you agree? my problem is not as critical as some here but important to me just the same. margo pomeroy
Kathleen Stanton 14 years ago
Dear Kenneth, I heard you tonight (1/18/2010) on the PBS News Hour and was very proud that with this disaster, we have a career professional like you on the job! Thank you, take care.
David Haskell MD 14 years ago
Dear Ken, I have a grandson to be in an orphanage in Port au Prince. He goes by the name of Ali David. He was abandoned at birth and has been At the Bresma orphanage since aug, 2008. Yesterday 6 orphans from his orphanage were flown to Florida.We are happy to see that children living in orphanages before the quake are starting to get out. However, this is not happening fast enough. The children at BRESMA and orphanages like it need immediate rescue. Please do whatever is necessary to immediately save these children.” They desparately need water and security today.Thank you and your staff for all that you are doing.See below for directions to Bresma. Call my son at 3167088807 for a cell number at the orphanage. Directions to BRESMA III (Jamie and Ali_s House) (near BRESMA II): > > > > Take Delmas uphill to the Carribean market. Turn left and cut over to Rte. > Freres at the Texaco Station. The Lesely center/ motorcycle taxi > stand is on your right (Delmas 105). Turn right into Delmas 105. > Continue straight and down a steep hill that had one bridge completed > and another under construction spanning a deep ravine. Continue > straight to the second street. There is a tree on an island in the > middle of the road. Shortly afterward the road splits. Take the > right fork, which curves very sharply to the right and up a steep > hill. The house is the property around which the road curves. Its gate is the first one on the right. > > BRESMA II (big kids house) > > Latitude: 18031'27.45"N > > Longitude: 72016'40.16"W >

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