Ambassador from Croatia: Who Is Josip Paro?

Sunday, May 20, 2012
Josip Paro
Career diplomat Josip Paro began his appointment as Croatia’s ambassador to the United States in 2012, presenting his credentials to President Barack Obama on May 2.
Paro holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and comparative literature from the University of Zagreb.
He began his diplomatic career in 1992 as a desk officer for Western Europe in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The following year he served as a political counselor in the Croatian embassy in Madrid, Spain.
Paro was promoted in 1996 to head of the Department for Political Planning. From 1997 to 2002, he was assistant foreign minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
His first ambassadorship was to the Court of St. James’s in the United Kingdom from 2003 to 2009. During this period, he was also his country’s non-resident ambassador to Gambia (2004-2009).
In 2009, Paro was appointed Croatia’s permanent representative to the intergovernmental Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, based at The Hague. He also served as ambassador to the Netherlands at the same time.
He speaks English and Spanish and has passive knowledge of French, Portuguese, Italian, Slovenian, and Russian.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Josip Paro (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons)



L.H. 12 years ago
public officials in croatia have gained huge amounts of illegal wealth. croatia's ambassadors to the us - from miomir zuzul, kolinda grabar kitarovic and now paro belong to the same group which robbed croatia's citizens. croatia's citizens face major economic problems - mainly because of corruption. billions of euros in state funds have been stolen. paro just finished his job with croatia's president josipovic known for corruption and conflicts of interest cases. paro was a close aide of ivo sanader now facing corruption charges in several cases. paro has always defended croatia's corrupt officials - they are his friends. paro is a disgrace to croatian citizens. these "government officials" should be in jail for robbing croatia's citizens. croatia cursed by corruption: americans should be careful. they should not support croatia's corrupt officials and mafia.

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