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Name: Nauman, Julie
Current Position: Executive Officer

Appointed executive officer by the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board in 2008, Julie Nauman received both a bachelor of arts degree in government and a master of arts degree in public administration from California State University, Sacramento.

After college, Nauman was a consultant to the Assembly Committee on Local Government from 1973-1983, before becoming chief deputy director of the state’s Housing and Community Development Department from 1984-1990. She moved to the private sector in 1990 and was the principal-in-charge of the Planning Center, a land use and environmental planning consultant agency in Sacramento, for eight years.

Nauman returned to the public sector in 1998 and worked for the state’s Integrated Waste Management Board for 10 years. She was chief deputy director at the time of her appointed to the victim compensation board in 2008.

Nauman has served on the board of directors of the National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards since 2010.


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