Catholic School Teacher with Four Kids Fired Because Ex-Husband May be Threat

Monday, June 17, 2013
Carie Charlesworth (photo: NBC San Diego)

The Catholic Diocese of San Diego fired a longtime elementary school teacher and kicked her four kids out after it became known that her ex-husband, who had a history of domestic abuse and had instigated a ruckus at the school before, was getting out of jail.

The diocese told Carie Charlesworth, who had been a teacher in the diocese for 14 years, that they were “deeply, deeply sorry” about getting rid of her, but that they will “continue to pray for you and your family.” She taught second-grade at Holy Trinity School in El Cajon.

The family will need the prayers. Charlesworth made $37,000 a year and does not presently have any employment prospects. She doesn’t know where her kids will go to school in the fall and her ex-husband, Martin Charlesworth, will be released from San Diego County Jail on June 28. 

Martin has a long criminal history, according to the International Business Times, including 20 offenses in Alaska. Six of the six instances are for domestic abuse. He was reportedly jailed for domestic abuse and stalking after showing up in January at the school in violation of a restraining order.

The school was put in lock-down and police were called. That incident ended peacefully when Martin came to the school parking lot but left before police arrived.

Parents were notified about the incident by letter and were told that the teacher and her children were being placed on indefinite leave of absence. Carie Charlesworth received notice of her dismissal three months later. NBC News reported that several parents had indicated they would pull their children from the school if she were not let go.

The school wrote that they had no choice but to ban her from working at any school in the diocese “in the interest of the safety of the students, faculty, and parents at Holy Trinity School.” The letter did not assert that it is what Jesus would have done.

–Ken Broder


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